Putting Priorities First To Discover A Career Outside Of The Legal World with Alexis Michaud [TFLP003]

Alexis Michaud left the legal world after practicing for 18 years and is now building a real estate business. She made a few stops along the way to real estate, working in multiple combinations of legal and tech roles, before ultimately choosing her priorities first so that she could find a career that fit her life in a much better way. 

I’m thrilled for you all to hear about Alexis’s journey from the legal world to real estate. Let’s jump in!

How Alexis Got Into The Legal World

What first started Alexis on her journey in the legal world did not come at one moment, but a series of moments over time. Her original plan was to be a money manager. But, after seeing the stress all of the financial planners and money managers were under, she decided to look for something a bit different.

During her internship, she sat in meetings with the founders of the company, and they would bring in tax attorneys. She listened to everything, absorbing information from the money managers, CPAs, and tax attorneys. Listening to the tax attorneys talk about how to save money through the law, she decided to get into the legal world by going to law school. 

Even though she went into law school with the plan to go into tax law, Alexis approached it with an open mind, thinking that she could change her mind and go in another direction in the legal world. 

Working In The Legal World

In the beginning, she was working for a firm that was very particular about the tax classes she took and the knowledge she was gaining. She even had to take corporate law classes again because once she was working for these families, they would need her to play multiple roles in the legal world. 

Alexis remained in law firms for 8 years and just when she had the urge to move in-house, she got an offer to work at TRIRIGA. At the time, they also owned hotels, gaming, and a software company. This was Alexis’s official introduction to working in the tech world. 

Working for TRIRIGA’s tech company opened her eyes to a crossing of the business and legal worlds she didn’t know existed before. Alexis was doing more than just work in the legal world. She also learned how to code, build applications, and other useful tech skills. 

Working In The Tech-Law World

After a few years, the tech company was acquired by IBM. Alexis managed the acquisition and then ended up working at IBM. This was the beginning of her decade-long career in the tech world and Alexis loved every minute of it. 

Alexis remembers her time at IBM as a perfect fit for that phase of her life. She loved her time there, but they didn’t pay that well. And, there came a time, when the company wanted to move Alexis and her team around. After discussing with her husband, they decided this wasn’t the right next step for their family, and Alexis decided to make another career move. 

Putting Priorities First

Alexis briefly got back out into her community, doing anti-human trafficking and non-profit work. She was oddly approached and offered a job at a tech company called Switch. She worked for them for 3 years and had a fantastic experience, but it took a lot of energy out of her. And around the same time, Alexis’s father fell ill. 

After a long time of debating and trying to work while taking care of her parents, Alexis concluded that she needed to put her priorities first. Her priorities were her family. That is who needed her most, so she had to find a career path that would prioritize them. 

How Alexis Michaud Found Her Way To Real Estate 

Alexis was working with an executive coach at the time that she left IBM. He asked her what her fondest childhood memories were. She fondly remembered her mother’s work as a real estate agent. 

She started to see that she was very capable of getting into real estate and that her time in the legal world would really help that. So, Alexis jumped into real estate and got her license right away. 

But, this didn’t keep her mind occupied. She wanted more. So, Alexis started a podcast called Home With Alexis that talks about her hometown of Vegas and connecting as a community. 

Advice For Those Looking For A Career Outside Of The Legal World

Alexis offered some advice to anyone thinking about leaving the legal world to find a different career path. That advice is to hold on to your priorities. Your priorities can help you set boundaries and create the flexibility you need to make your decision. From there, you can start building a new career based on your priorities and the lifestyle that you want. 

Also, know that the fear of leaving something is far more consuming than taking the first step to leaving it, which is the hardest step you’ll take. Then, it all gets easier. And if you have the resources, it’s a great investment to hire a quality business coach, so that you don’t have to do it alone. 

If it’s the support you need, I highly suggest joining us over at Former Lawyer. Between the podcast, the Collab, and my free guide “First Steps to Leaving the Law”, you’ll have all the help and support you need to leave the legal world and find a job that’s a much better fit for your lifestyle. 

Until next time!

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