007 Stacy Mikulik

On today’s show, Sarah talks with Stacy Mikulik. Stacy is a former lawyer who is now a jewelry designer and the owner of grace + hudson jewelry

In this conversation, Stacy shares:

  • The danger of paying too much attention to what other people are saying about your career without listening to yourself as well;
  • Why law school was a bad fit for her from the start;
  • The confusion she felt about why anyone would want to be a biglaw associate;
  • How inspiration from a shop she visited on vacation propelled her into the world of jewelry-making;
  • The lessons she learned from opening her first jewelry store and why she’s thankful that she did it even though she ultimately closed it;
  • What it was like to run a brick & mortar store while also working as a lawyer, and why she didn’t enjoy running a store;
  • How that experience helped her appreciate certain aspects of working as a lawyer;
  • Why she is a proponent of therapy for unhappy lawyers;
  • How being thoughtful about what success truly means for you can help you clarify what you really want to do with your life;
  • and much more!

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