013 Tasha Cochran: From Lawyer to Six-Figure Entrepreneur

In Episode 013 of The Former Lawyer Podcast, Sarah talks with Tasha Cochran. Tasha graduated from Yale Law, and most recently was an attorney with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. She left the CFPB in August 2019 to work full-time on her online business, One Big Happy Life, which teaches people how to build wealth and live happy lives. 

In this conversation, Tasha shares about:

  • How she didn’t plan to practice law when she went to law school;
  • Why being around people with big dreams in law school was so beneficial;
  • How she managed a 3 hour round-trip commute to make it work while she was still practicing law;
  • How making a single video for YouTube years ago started her down the path to online entrepreneurship;
  • How her approach to debt, and the one she teaches through One Big Happy Life, is different from the other well-known financial movements out there;
  • The things she misses from practicing as a lawyer;
  • Why being a lawyer is easy compared to being an entrepreneur;
  • How she grew her business, and where she wants it to go;
  • Her advice for lawyers who are starting or growing a side hustle;
  • How to stop looking at your life paycheck to paycheck;
  • and much more!

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