Former Lawyer Annie Little: Commercial Lending & Real Estate Lawyer to Lawyer Career Coach (TFLP 053)

How do you figure out what you want to do next once you realize you want to leave the law? In this episode, I’m sharing the second half of my conversation with former lawyer Annie Little.

(I highly recommend that you listen to the first half as well, all about lawyer stress and anxiety.)

Annie worked as a lawyer for 7 years before allowing herself to consider the possibility that there was a better path for her. In this conversation, we talk about how she made the transition to running her own lawyer career coaching business, and why moving towards something is so much more hopeful and empowering than running away from something else.

Meet Former Lawyer Annie Little

Annie went to law school thinking that she would go into public interest law. When the funding for her public interest position evaporated three weeks before she graduated, so found a job with a law firm that specialized in commercial lending.

After a few years, Annie was headhunted away to a real estate practice. She made the jump, but didn’t find that job much more fulfilling than her first. Annie got curious about what she really wanted from her career and her life, and ultimately ended up starting her own side hustle as a resume and career coach for lawyers. When her first child was born, she made the jump and has been running her own lawyer career coaching business for the last seven years.

In today’s episode, Annie shares:

  • Her moment of career jealousy that made her realize something needed to change.
  • How joining a coaching program herself changed the trajectory of her career and her life.
  • The work that she did to figure out what she truly valued.
  • Having to get over her limiting belief that smart, capable, professional women don’t take a step back career-wise to care for their kids.
  • Why being a lawyer means you can figure anything out.
  • How to reframe mistakes so that they help you and move you closer to your goals.
  • The nuts and bolts of how she and her husband made a plan so that she could quit law.
  • Why lawyers’ jobs become their identity.

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