Lawyers, Don’t Try To Figure Out An Alternative Career Without This (TFLP 067)

One of the most important things that lawyers need to do if they want to successfully figure out an alternative career is to develop self-compassion and to learn how to be kind to themselves.

You may be skeptical, but in this podcast episode, I’m sharing why self-compassion is essential to finding career satisfaction and figuring out what’s next for you.

Self-compassion is essential if you’re trying to figure out an alternative career.

Self-compassion tends to be very counterintuitive for lawyers. Most lawyers are perfectionists who are very hard on themselves. Even when they achieve a goal, they criticize themselves for not achieving it the “right” way.

And, most lawyers believe that being hard on themselves is what has produced the success and achievements they’ve experienced.

They’re afraid to be kind to themselves because they fear that they won’t achieve like they “should”.

If you aren’t kind to yourself, you can’t connect to your true self and get the guidance you need to identify the alternative career for you.

Many lawyers fear they’re going to turn into a total slacker if they’re not hard on themselves. But there’s no evidence supporting that belief.

What’s more, you can’t get to the root of who you are, what you value, and what you want—essential questions to answer when trying to find an alternative career as a lawyer—if you can’t get close enough to your true self.

Treating yourself harshly and lacking self-compassion makes it very difficult for you to identify the things that are important in order to successfully identify an alternative career.

In today’s episode, I share about:

  • What practicing self-compassion looks like in practice.
  • Why some of the biggest problems in the legal profession are fueled by individuals lacking self-compassion.
  • How self-compassion helps you to set yourself up for the highest likelihood of success in identifying an alternative career.

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