How To Find A Non-Law Job ASAP (TFLP 078)

How do you find a non-law job ASAP? A lot of lawyers reach a stage where they are DONE and just want to find something, anything to get them some space from legal practice.

I’m often asked for advice about how to look for a non-law job in this situation. What should you do when you’re super ready to leave your legal job for basically anything else?

Here’s what I tell people.

Cast A Super Wide Net

My best advice is to cast a super wide net towards things you’re interested in.

So, for example, if you’re interested in public policy as your long-term career interest, think of various types of skills that would serve you in that field.

Almost anything in marketing, communications, non-profits in general, or writing (to name a few) could be a good bridge into a position in that area.

Don’t underestimate your network

The way that I found my legal publishing job (the job I left Biglaw for) was by happenstance.

A friend of ours was working at the publishing company as an intern during law school, which I found out randomly when we were having dinner with him one night. I knew of the company, but had no idea it was headquartered in our city.

Definitely don’t underestimate your network, because it’s easy to feel like everyone you know would mention opportunities that would be helpful to you.

But unless they are truly in your inner circle and know exactly where you are in terms of wanting to get out, they won’t. Why would they?

So, I strongly recommend reaching out to as many people you know as possible and asking if they have any leads on something that would be a shift of some sort.

be willing to be overqualified

I was vastly overqualified for the legal publishing job that was my first step out of Biglaw. I definitely had some mindset issues to deal with around that as a result.

That’s one of the most important pieces of advice I can give—be willing to be overqualified.

Often when people look to make a move (even when they are willing to make any move), they are holding onto the idea of making a parallel move.

But, most of the people I know who’ve had success were open to and willing to take something they perceived as a career downshift.

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