Do you hate working as a lawyer?

Do you hate working as a lawyer? Are you an unhappy lawyer who wants to leave the law, but isn’t sure what to do next? Do your family and friends think you’re crazy for wanting to leave the law, or are you too afraid to tell them you don’t want to be a lawyer? The Former Lawyer Podcast is for you! Each week, host Sarah Cottrell interviews a different former lawyer who has left the law behind. Hear inspiring stories about how these former lawyers are thriving and found their way to careers and lives they love.

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10 Feb

027 Erin Conlon: Biglaw Discovery Counsel to Executive & Life Coach

In Episode 027 of The Former Lawyer Podcast, Sarah talks with Erin Conlon. Erin graduated from law school and landed her dream job with a plaintiff-side class action firm, only to lose her job as a result of the recession in the late 2000s. She worked on a political campaign, started performing comedy, and ultimately landed in biglaw doing electronic…

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3 Feb

Battling Depression To Become Legally Bold with Toya Gavin [TFLP026]

This week, I’m talking about my conversation with Toya Gavin. Toya practiced law for over 10 years, eventually opening her own practice before finding herself battling depression and ultimately leaving the legal field.  Now, she’s a coach who helps women who are dissatisfied in their careers or are trying to transform their side hustles into full-time careers. When Toya contacted…

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20 Jan

024 Katie Aldrich: From Business Litigation to Career Coach for Professionals

In Episode 024 of The Former Lawyer Podcast, Sarah talks with Katie Aldrich. Katie practiced business litigation at a big law firm in Boston for more than five years before transitioning first into professional development for lawyers, and then into career coaching for lawyers and other professionals with Fringe Professional Development.  In this conversation, Katie shares about: Being told by…

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