Do you hate working as a lawyer?

Do you hate working as a lawyer? Are you an unhappy lawyer who wants to leave the law, but isn’t sure what to do next? Do your family and friends think you’re crazy for wanting to leave the law, or are you too afraid to tell them you don’t want to be a lawyer? The Former Lawyer Podcast is for you! Each week, host Sarah Cottrell interviews a different former lawyer who has left the law behind. Hear inspiring stories about how these former lawyers are thriving and found their way to careers and lives they love.

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15 Aug

The Long Process Of Leaving A Legal Career with Ed Cottrell [TFLP150]

Lawyers are under constant stress and pressure yet always have a “this is fine” mentality. “Everything will be fine,” we keep telling ourselves. But, is it really fine? And, is “fine” good enough?  This week, you’ll read about Ed Cottrell, a former lawyer and most importantly, Sarah’s husband. Ed had a legal career for 13 years before leaving the law…

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8 Aug

Leaving The Legal Profession After Practicing For Years with Landis Wade [TFLP149]

On the latest episode of the Former Lawyer Podcast, Sarah sat down with former lawyer Landis Wade to talk about his journey in leaving the law after practicing for a long time. 35 years, to be exact.  In their conversation, Sarah and Landis touched on many common themes on the podcast and in lawyers that are desperate to leave the…

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1 Aug

“You Have To Learn To Love Where You Are” Is Trash Advice For Lawyers Who Want To Leave The Law [TFLP148]

Usually, on this blog, I share advice for lawyers who want to leave the law, strategies for aspiring former lawyers, and interviews with former lawyers who have left the law behind to find careers and lives they love. Today, we’re talking about a piece of trash advice that can really harm some lawyers who want to leave the law.  We…

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25 Jul

Creating Change In The Legal System with Aliza Shatzman [TFLP147]

Today on the blog, you’ll learn about Aliza Shatzman, a former lawyer turned co-founder of a non-profit called Accountability Project focused on creating change in the legal system.  Aliza shares the circumstances that led her to decide to leave the legal system and start The Legal Accountability Project. The Legal Accountability Project seeks to ensure that as many law clerks…

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