Do you hate working as a lawyer?

Do you hate working as a lawyer? Are you an unhappy lawyer who wants to leave the law, but isn’t sure what to do next? Do your family and friends think you’re crazy for wanting to leave the law, or are you too afraid to tell them you don’t want to be a lawyer? The Former Lawyer Podcast is for you! Each week, host Sarah Cottrell interviews a different former lawyer who has left the law behind. Hear inspiring stories about how these former lawyers are thriving and found their way to careers and lives they love.

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4 Sep

Making the Move from Law to Real Estate with Romy Frazier [TFLP199]

On today’s podcast episode, Sarah has a conversation with Romy Frazier. Romy is a former lawyer who made the move from law to real estate. The conversation is extremely helpful because she shares the importance of taking action and making a plan while moving gradually through the process. There are always some good takeaways from listening to someone else’s stories….

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28 Aug

Why the CliftonStrengths Workshop Is Included in the Guided Track [TFLP198]

On today’s podcast, Sarah dives into a specific piece of the Guided Track that many clients have found incredibly beneficial. The Guided Track is a small group program that is offered twice a year. This small group works together through the Former Lawyer framework while discussing questions and obstacles and celebrating wins.  The CliftonStrengths Workshop is part of the Guided…

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21 Aug

How to Choose the Right Former Lawyer Program for You [TFLP197]

In today’s episode of The Former Lawyer Podcast, Sarah talks about the offers she has available for lawyers who are interested in leaving law and looking for some resources to help organize thoughts and plans. Sarah offers three different programs, each building off the base of the Collaborative and providing a different level of accountability and follow-up depending on your…

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14 Aug

Why These Former Lawyers Decided to Join the Guided Track [TFLP196]

In today’s episode, Sarah is wrapping up the summer series where she asked questions of some of her clients, who shared their personal experiences. Previous episodes have asked about myths, advice for the person they were five years ago, and much more. Make sure to catch up if you want to hear from people who have utilized some incredible resources…

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7 Aug

What Would Former Lawyer Collab Members Tell Themselves Five Years Ago [TFLP195]

On today’s podcast episode, Sarah is sharing answers from Collab members for another question as part of the summer series. Each episode in the series asks the same question to multiple members so listeners can learn more about their experiences. Today’s question is: what’s something you’ve learned that you wish you could go back and tell the you of five…

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31 Jul

What Has Been the Biggest Surprise for Former Lawyers in the Collab? [TFLP194]

On today’s podcast episode, you’ll learn more about members of the Collab and what has surprised them most. Each episode in this series asks the same question to multiple members so listeners can learn more about their experiences.  Today’s question is: What is the biggest surprise you have experienced thus far in following The Former Lawyer Framework as a Collab…

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