Do you hate working as a lawyer?

Do you hate working as a lawyer? Are you an unhappy lawyer who wants to leave the law, but isn’t sure what to do next? Do your family and friends think you’re crazy for wanting to leave the law, or are you too afraid to tell them you don’t want to be a lawyer? The Former Lawyer Podcast is for you! Each week, host Sarah Cottrell interviews a different former lawyer who has left the law behind. Hear inspiring stories about how these former lawyers are thriving and found their way to careers and lives they love.

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19 Apr

From Biglaw to Running a Creative Business with Loly Orozco [TFLP 086]

Loly Orozco is a former financial restructuring lawyer who went from Biglaw to running a creative business. Her stationery design company, Little Postage House, sells curated vintage postage stamps and designs and prints all types of paper items from birth announcements to wedding invitations to save the dates.  On this episode of the podcast, Loly shares how she took something…

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12 Apr

How a Flexible Mindset Took Her From Bankruptcy Law to Legal Tech with Ivy Grey [TFLP 085]

Ivy Grey moved from IT to advertising to law, before landing at a legal tech company WordRake, a Microsoft Word add-in, which edits legal documents for clarity and brevity.  On this episode of the podcast, Ivy shares how her flexible mindset, a hobby, and her skillset beyond her law degree led to a complete career transition into legal tech. Law…

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29 Mar

From Law To Podcast Production For Law Firms With Robert Ingalls (TFLP 083)

Robert Ingalls practiced criminal law, civil litigation, and estate planning before deciding to leave the law and start his company, Lawpods, which is a podcast production company for law firms. On this episode of the podcast, Robert shares about how his podcasting hobby turned into a full-time career that he loves. trying out various practice areas Robert went to law…

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22 Mar

Marie Sotelo: Former Lawyer Turned Full-Time Freelance Writer (TFLP 082)

Today on the podcast I’m sharing my conversation with Marie Sotelo, who left legal practice after 10 years and built a career as a full-time freelance writer. Marie shares how she built her career, and advice for other lawyers who want to make a living as a writer.​ If you’re one of the many lawyers who dream of making a living…

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15 Mar

Prestige Is A Liar (TFLP 081)

Today I’m sharing one of the key realizations that you need to have in order to start making career decisions that work for you. Prestige is a liar. Prestige is a liar—what does that mean? The legal profession has a problem with prestige. Large portions of the industry are driven by firms trying to be the most prestigious and people…

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