Heather Yurovsky: From Lawyer To Career Coach And Start-Up Catalyst (TFLP 062)

Heather Yurovsky went to law school unsure of whether she would practice law long-term. After a year of practice, the verdict was in (no pun intended)—legal practice was not for her.

So, Heather embarked on a new career path, learning how to simply take the next step when it revealed itself to her. If you’ve ever worried about needing to figure out the perfect next step or find a job that’s the perfect fit for you in order to leave the law, this episode is for you.

Meet Former Lawyer Heather Yurovsky

Heather Yurovsky: From Lawyer To Career Coach And Start-Up Catalyst

Heather has worn many hats over the years, but has always served as a sounding board to those around her. After practicing law, growing early-stage start-ups and brands in the travel, spirits, and social impact industries, and working with global clients as the COO of an influence strategy consultancy, she paused to find the thread of her career.

Heather had never felt lost in her career trajectory despite her seemingly disconnected experience. She realized it was because every role built on her core values. She took that insight and built her own business as a career coach, helping others to do the same and achieve their career goals.

In this episode, Heather shares about:

  • How grateful she is that her parents paid for her law school, which left her free to figure out what career was truly right for her.
  • The importance of learning how to align your career with your values.
  • Why lawyers often think that they need to go back to school or get new credentials in order to change jobs and leave the law (they don’t).
  • Realizing in her first year of practice that she hated charging people for the help she was providing in her small family law cases, and also hated the pressure and stress of the big cases.
  • Why having the experience of practicing law and truly disliking helped her be willing to explore lots of different career avenues.
  • The progression of her career being mostly due to her willingness to look for open doors and walk through them.
  • How her progression from a marketing position at a special events company, to a travel agency that was spinning off a new entity, to a liquor company where she took on progressively more responsibility, to COO of a social impact consultancy, all prepared her for her running her current career coaching business.
  • Why career coaching is the perfect marriage of all her interests.
  • Where to start is you’re not sure what the themes in your own career are.

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