Do you hate working as a lawyer?

Do you hate working as a lawyer? Are you an unhappy lawyer who wants to leave the law, but isn’t sure what to do next? Do your family and friends think you’re crazy for wanting to leave the law, or are you too afraid to tell them you don’t want to be a lawyer? The Former Lawyer Podcast is for you! Each week, host Sarah Cottrell interviews a different former lawyer who has left the law behind. Hear inspiring stories about how these former lawyers are thriving and found their way to careers and lives they love.

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19 Oct

Heather Yurovsky: From Lawyer To Career Coach And Start-Up Catalyst (TFLP 062)

Heather Yurovsky went to law school unsure of whether she would practice law long-term. After a year of practice, the verdict was in (no pun intended)—legal practice was not for her. So, Heather embarked on a new career path, learning how to simply take the next step when it revealed itself to her. If you’ve ever worried about needing to…

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5 Oct

Jessica Medina: From Biglaw To The SEC To Financial Counselor For Biglaw Lawyers (TFLP 060)

In episode 059, Jessica Medina shared all about how she ended up in law school, and then Biglaw, before deciding to leave to take a job at the SEC. In this episode, Jessica shares about how she realized after making the move to the SEC that it wasn’t just Biglaw that she didn’t enjoy—she didn’t enjoy being a lawyer. She…

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28 Sep

Moving Beyond Biglaw As A Single Mom Of Twins With Jessica Medina (TFLP 059)

Jessica Medina went to law school thinking she would work for the government and change the world for the better. But during her 2L year at Columbia Law School, she gave birth to twins and became a single mom. Biglaw seemed the inevitable and obviously correct choice for her if she wanted her family to have a good life. But…

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14 Sep

Employment Litigation to Human Resources Pro with Former Lawyer Helynn Nelson (TFLP 057)

Have you ever looked at the people senior to you at your firm, the partners and senior associates, and thought, “I don’t want your life!” So did former lawyer Helynn Nelson, my guest on this episode of the podcast. Helynn landed a coveted employment litigation associate role in Biglaw, but the lifestyle of a Biglaw lawyer was simply not how…

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